April Update

I wanted to give you all an update of where I’m at with my treatment.

When I found out there were new tumours in my liver at the end of last year, I needed to find a new plan. I went to Frankfurt in February to have a procedure called TACE, where they injected 3 different chemo drugs directly into my liver. It turned out there were many, many more tumours than we had first realised, and it seems they can only be seen with the very specialist equipment Professor Vogl has in his clinic. I returned for a 2nd treatment in March and the scan showed that there had been an improvement, with the tumours smaller, less dense and less active. This 2nd treatment was pretty grueling and has caused fluids in my abdomen, so I look like I’m 9 months pregnant! I had 5 litres drained in hospital last week, which has relieved the pressure, but it’s still very difficult to move.

I’m due to go back again for a 3rd session in two weeks’ time, which I’m not looking forward to.

I’m living a day at a time and I’m very tired, so taking things easy.

Thank you for all your support with the past events, it’s really helped me to get back to Germany to continue treatment.

Much love,

Linda xxxx

New Year 2018 Update

As most of you know, I started my treatment at the Hallwang back in May 2017. I have been having immunotherapy vaccines along with various infusions, ozone therapy and hyperthermia. I had an initial 5 days and then after testing, I returned for a further 5 days. Since then, I’ve been going every month for boosters (3 in total). I then had a scan in September to see what was happening and the amazing news was that all the tumours had gone apart from one in my liver and that one had shrunk massively. The plan was to then have one more booster in October and to have a further scan here in the UK in December. The hope was that the liver tumour would have gone and I would be in remission! I would then be able to go onto a maintenance programme of immunotherapy boosters every 3 months. So relying totally on all the wonderful fundraising that you’ve been doing, I went to Germany for the extra booster.

I had the scan the week before Christmas and got the results last week. Sadly it was disappointing news. There are new tumours growing in my liver. I have sent my scans to Germany and I’m waiting for them to get back when they open on Monday. I am guessing that it was the immunotherapy that was keeping it at bay and as I haven’t had any for almost 3 months, they have started growing again.

Obviously a setback, but I’m looking at options again, researching like mad and will report back once I have a clearer picture and a plan.

Thank you for all your support last year, you’ve got me this far, and wishing you health and love for the coming year.